Types of Braces

Thanks to today’s advances in orthodontic technology, Parker Orthodontics can provide our patients with more options when it comes to wearing braces than ever before. While traditional metal braces are still widely used, clear braces are very popular with teens and adults who are self-conscious about wearing braces, along with Invisalign removable aligners, the “braceless” alternative to straight teeth. Dr. Justin O. Parker will help you determine which treatment option is right for you.

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces have long been the most effective treatment for children and adults with misaligned teeth. Though today there are a range of orthodontic treatment options, for many patients traditional metal brackets and wires are still the best choice. Individuals dealing with difficult alignment problems or severely crooked teeth can often benefit most from this treatment. What’s more, for many kids, traditional braces are simply a youthful rite of passage.  All of our traditional cases incorporate Suresmile as it is the best and most predictable digital treatment system.

Clear Braces with Damon Clear

Parker Orthodontics is proud to give patients a clear path to an amazing smile with Damon Clear, part of the innovative Damon Smile treatment suite.

Damon Clear uses a slide mechanism to maintain archwires within the bracket, allowing them to move freely. This reduces friction and binding, so your teeth can move quickly and more comfortably. This means a healthier, straighter smile with fewer trips to the orthodontist compared to traditional braces. Additionally Damon Clear provides a discreet, “barely there” look for patients self conscious about the appearance of traditional braces.

All of our clear ceramic braces incorporate Suresmile as it is the best and most predictable digital treatment system.  Read more about the Damon System here.

Damon Clear Braces Image at Parker Orthodontics in Bullhead City AZ Murray UT


Invisalign’s removable clear aligners are a proven orthodontic technology which Dr. Parker has mastered.  He has been using Invisalign since he graduated as an orthodontic specialist in 1999.  Dr. Parker has found Invisalign to be a leading tool and at the cutting edge of orthodontic treatment.  Much like SureSmile Dr. Parker can customize aligners and treat a full range of orthodontic cases in both children, adolescents  and adults.  Invisalign is a more powerful tool in dealing with certain malocclusion where braces may favor other types of malocclusion.  No matter your smile irregularities Dr. Parker will use the correct custom appliance at the correct time during your treatment and favor your appliance preference.  Invisalign in less noticeable, more comfortable and makes hygiene simple.  Invisalign