Accelerated Orthodontics

Accelerated treatment always requires the proper diagnosis to create the correct individualized treatment plan.  The wrong treatment plan can never be the fastest treatment.  The accelerated options below help in the implementation of your treatment options.


A fusion of Dr. Parker 20+ years of expertise in orthodontics provides his patients the quality treatment.  Dr. Parker is board certified and delivers the highest quality of treatment possible for his patient.  Because Dr. Parker wants to be sure that each patient receive the best smile in the least amount of time.  His individualized digital treatment plan is delivered to robots which create customized wires for each patient.  Our treatment is now unsurpassed in quality and delivers ideal esthetic in the shortest treatment time possible.  This is accomplished through Suresmile’s digital platform which allows our office to make movements correctly the first time and eliminating many unnecessary tooth movements which can prolong treatment time.  Our customized treatment plan and robotic wires are used on every comprehensive orthodontic bracketed case.  Digital orthodontics is accurate and here to stay.   It provides Dr. Parker’s patients with a sure smile just to be sure.


Often time Invisalign is the fastest and easiest way to complete treatment.  Invisalign’s removable clear aligners are a proven orthodontic technology which Dr. Parker has mastered.  He has been using Invisalign since he graduated as an orthodontic specialist in 1999.  Dr. Parker has found Invisalign to be a leading tool and at the cutting edge of orthodontic treatment.  Much like SureSmile Dr. Parker can customize aligners and treat a full range of orthodontic cases in both children, adolescents  and adults.  Invisalign is a more powerful tool in dealing with certain malocclusion where braces may favor other types of malocclusions.  No matter your smile irregularities Dr. Parker will use the correct custom appliance at the correct time during your treatment and favor your appliance preference.

Combining Technologies

Patients may have preferences for either braces or Invisalign.  Dr. Parker has found sometimes the shortest treatment is provided by using a combination of these appliances.  We will work with you to find your best fit.


Temporary Anchorage Devices, or TADs, are innovative devices that allow the orthodontist to move specific teeth in the desired direction without moving adjacent teeth. These devices are small titanium screws that are placed through the gum tissue and into the bone through a simple procedure which most patients report as nearly painless. These appliances can effectively shorten treatment time and reduce the need for other appliances.

The PROPEL System

The PROPEL system is one of our most effective accelerated orthodontic treatment options. This involves making a perforation into the gums to accelerate teeth movement. We use a state of the art digital optical scanner to take higher quality mouth impressions without the use of messy goop, and then make precise perforations based on these scans. This treatment can help make Invisalign treatments much more efficient!

The AcceleDent Aura System

Another feature of our accelerated orthodontics treatment is a device called ‘acceledent’. This device is a bite wafer that vibrates to increase blood flow and assist in moving teeth. Much like the Propel system, this facilitates Invisalign and speeds up overall orthodontic treatment. For patients in need of a more rapid treatment plan, these can be highly effective options.