3D Imaging

Parker Orthodontics in Bullhead, AZ and Murray, UT is providing healthier smiles with the Carestream 9600 CBCT 3D Scanner

An accurate impression is essential for effective treatment planning and orthodontic care. Parker Orthodontics proudly utilizes the Carestream 9600 CBCT 3D Scanner to insure outstanding precision on every exam, for every user, because we want every smile to look outstanding! Very few orthodontic practices have incorporated this revolutionary imaging system into their treatment suite, but at Parker Orthodontics, we are setting the standard!

Carestream Scanners Set The Standard

The Carestream 9600 CBCT 3D Scanner allows Dr. Parker to visualize a patient’s complete oral and dental anatomy in three dimensions, using an incredibly minimal amount of radiation.

By producing incredibly detailed, crystal-clear 3D images, the CS 9600 digital radiography system offers Dr. Parker powerful insights into specific dental regions of interest. This capability is essential for a wide range of patient diagnostics that, in turn, help us devise a treatment plan that will work for you!

The information we gain from this technology is amazing. We can visualize all important anatomic structures – such as nerves and sinuses, as well as measure the volume and density of the jaw bone in the area we are planning to work on.

Check out the video below to see the Carestream 9600 CBCT 3D Scanner in action: